CeDimension IT solutions can help Companies to save money in the Document management and Archiving, providing a flexible solution and a great support.

Our solutions are based on best practices and long-term expertise on process logic, policies and business rules.
Our applications are highly targeted and focused on critical business processes and can be completely customized to respond to the customers’ needs.

Flexible and Scalable Architecture

Advanced System Management and Administration Facilities

Complex document building capability

Tight cost control

Business solutions

CeDimension’s suite is a global solution for the distribution and archiving demands, finalized to guarantee operativity online also for the historical data in PDF:
the answer to the demands for secure archiving and consultation of enormous amount of data.

Data that you can archive and publish.

  • Banking printouts, bank statements of B/A and Credit Cards;
  • Scanned documents, archived data;
  • Bank payments, bank documents management;
  • Internal reports and documents exchange between direction and branches (intranet / internet).


How does it operate?

The process that manages the information begins from the Receiver Service getting data from Mainframe, AS/400, Unix, SAP or Scanner, and proceed with the analysis and the handling of the data according to rules (transformation, grouping) completing the activity with the pdf production.
Once the transformation stage is done, the next step is the archiving process to store data for future retrieve activities via Web Services.
All the documents are now available and ready to be distributed according to your needs:

  • web (intranet/internet);
  • mail / certified mail;
  • printing output;
  • secure web;
  • mobile.


Solutions operating to Primary Customers


  • Archiving Customers’ Financial Reports;
  • Online bank statements (Internet certified);
  • Report Distribution to Branches;
  • SWIFT: archiving and inquiry LOG;
  • Transfers founds: storage and research;
  • Loan


  • Migration form SAP/r2® and SAP/R3® of all inventory and bill material
  • Conversion and storage of industrial/technical drawings in PDF


Archiving potential

XReport solution has been developed to archive a large amount of data.

Here there are some numbers regarding an XReport installation on existing customer:

  • Bank account statements: 3 billions of documents
  • Mortgages Warranties: 900.000 folders
  • Other Documents.: 800 mln
  • SWIFT : more than 1 billion of messages



BeyonDoc is born

Dear user, CeDimension and Studio Form have created BeyonDoc, the hub specialising in financial document management solutions.

The company has been active since 1 February and consolidates all the assets of CeDimension and Studio Form.

The website will soon be online at

For any information, please contact your references at Studio Form and CeDimension.