XReport is a technologic platform by which is possible to build different Information Managing Applications able to extract the information spread in many formats and content type (Reports, Document, file tec.) across a multiplicity of networks, systems, databases, BIs and ERPs, in many different locations inside or outside the company organization.

Through an integration with customer security system, users access to data can be defined, profiled and controlled, in a flexible but accurate way, by providing a set of powerful tools for browsing and searching information.

Scalability and speed in data extraction documents are the features that make this solution the carrier to publishing documents via web.
The great flexibility of this solution provides a service to millions of internet users offering documents search and download in pdf format in a very fast way (in the order of one second) even in presence of a massive download activities (over 300000 documents per day).
At the same time guarantees to banks adopting this solution capacity to store up hundreds of millions of documents with extremely reduced space consumption and very rapid access times. This allows them to guarantee to their customers availability of online documents for several years. In some of our customers, the solution currently contains over one billion documents available online for consultation

BeyonDoc is born

Dear user, CeDimension and Studio Form have created BeyonDoc, the hub specialising in financial document management solutions.

The company has been active since 1 February and consolidates all the assets of CeDimension and Studio Form.

The website will soon be online at

For any information, please contact your references at Studio Form and CeDimension.