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Advanced search capabilities are available for the users. Searching by key and by query are possible according to the related metadata created by XReport.

Furthermore, XReport lets the user to make google like search that provides capability to pinpoint even a string of chars inside reports of billions of pages.

A document may contain the key information (hyperlink) to access to other associated documents. The end user can navigates thru different kinds of document obtaining a complete picture of all the information he needs.

A single document is conceived as dynamic object in which XReport links other stored items like documents, images, that can provide a new way to access information for the user.

XReport is able to design, compose and automatically create and publish customized documents. Data presentation is performed according to programmable layouts and information coming from variable data flows defined in a specified format.
It performs high performance even when managing huge amount of data and composing complex reports and documents. Multi-companies and Multi-language facilities are also provided.

Data Quality

Due to the amount of documents involved, sometimes can happen that during all the processes, something goes wrong causing errors in the output generated. In those cases, an implementation of a set of controls, in order to find out and prevent errors, becomes necessary in order to help customer’s Quality Assurance team.

Our AS 400 solution?

The need to reduce costs of hardware infrastructure has forced many companies to a necessary, and sometimes difficult, downsizing.
One of the biggest and sometime underrated problem is represented by migration of data, stored during years, from a system to another without losing any data.

Cedimension developes migration tools from host environment to distributed environment managing AS400 spool, Mainframe spool, etc..
For further information regarding migration solutions toward distributed environment Click here.

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A complete library of our brochures , case studies, and application briefs is available in downloadable PDF formats.

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BeyonDoc is born

Dear user, CeDimension and Studio Form have created BeyonDoc, the hub specialising in financial document management solutions.

The company has been active since 1 February and consolidates all the assets of CeDimension and Studio Form.

The website will soon be online at

For any information, please contact your references at Studio Form and CeDimension.